10/9/20 - New Trailer and better gameplay


The team here at Box Attack Studios is showcase our newest trailer along side a polished up demo build! The demo portion of the game has been cleaned up pretty well, and we are now heavily focusing on creating new bosses and finishing up the dungeon for a complete game. As always comment with any feedback or bugs you find.


  • Pathfinding now updates with changes to environment
  • Pathfinding is now more precise with 4x the nodes for calculating AI Movement
  • Improvements on Rat boss
  • NC1 no longer softlocks
  • New look and animations to UI health and endurance
  • Fixed issues with rapidly grabbing pots leads to soft lock
  • New sounds added and fixed issues with sounds not fading out when further away
  • Updated sprites to look more clean
  • Added new store to the ferox village
  • Added graveyard to the ferox village
  • Fixed up some typos and spelling issues in dialogue

Bug Catchers:

As always we’re looking for your feedback and bug catchers are very welcome. We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. A big part of the process here at Box Attack is working with players to make the best game. If you’ve found a bug please be as descriptive as possible, name the platform you played on, send videos, screenshots, and whatever you think would be of assistance. You can reach out on any social platform (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) or email your feedback to ProjectRazorsEdge@gmail.com 

That you for your continued support as Drew and the rest of the team cracks away on our nostalgic passion project.  Give our game a try and have a great rest of your august! 

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Adeona PC 0.5.4.zip 143 MB
Oct 09, 2020
Adeona MAC 0.5.4.zip 158 MB
Oct 09, 2020

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