11/1/19 - Update to Beta 0.09

Hi! I hope everyone's had a happy Halloween! I've been working on fixing some spooky bugs this October. I've realized you can soft lock yourself into the game and the gameplay design doesn't feel quite perfect yet. Being trapped in a forrest with flawed player systems sounds like a haloween nightmare for me...


  • Added UI sounds for quest indicators
  • Added Turrets to Cave
  • Fixed bugs in throwing system
  • No longer soft locked in forrest
  • Added Turret System
  • Made it so you can't dash past cutscenes (gotta tell a story(
  • Rogue Slimes eradicated
  • Add player homing turrets
  • Decorated the Ferox Village

That's all for now, more progress to come!


Adeona Build 0.09 PC.zip 138 MB
Nov 02, 2019
Adeona Build 0.09 Mac.zip 155 MB
Nov 02, 2019

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