Adeona Beta Update

It's been a looong minute since I've last updated this game... but I finally have a significant product to show everybody and I need people to play test it. I'm pushing the game out of Alpha and now into Beta testing as I have implemented all the features I plan to have in the game. So lets dig into the details of what comes with this new update:

  • Story Mode
    • The game now starts you out in the middle of the Noctuan Forest and takes you through to the beginning of the first dungeon
    • Rudimentary Cutscenes have been implemented with Emoticons to clarify who is talking
    • Quest System has been implemented to guide you through the story
    • Full tutorial has been implemented
    • You can read through items
  • Gameplay
    • 5 different types of special attacks have been added: Stun Ball, Push Back, Heal, Shield, Dash
    • Health Systems expands with health containers
    • Endurance system limits special attack use
    • Endurance refilled by Idling or by hitting enemies/objects
    • Running implemented (lol)
    • Keys and locked door added
    • More puzzle types
  • Arena Mode
    • I originally had this just as a testing mode, but I plan to implement this as a side game mode
    • Is currently broken in the current build so it is removed for now

I also plan to start posting to this devlog more often and try to update bi-weekly with bug fixes.

If you find bugs please message me! Enjoy!


Adeona Beta PC 113 MB
Sep 22, 2019
Adeona Beta MAC 156 MB
Sep 22, 2019

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