4/22/20 - Closer to a Finished Demo

Hello Retro Geeks! It's my birthday today, and I figured I'd treat myself by finally getting a much bigger update/build pushed out for people to test and play with. I've really began to lay on the polish and touches to this build and it's beginning to feel like a more complete game. The story has been fleshed out and focused a bit more, and we've implemented some new mechanics to help make the game connect with the player more! Please download, play, and tell me the honest truth of what you think. Your feedback really helps me to drive continuing development.


  • Added Exposition Text to the beginning of the game
  • Amber/Player is now animated during some cutscenes
  • Loading screen isn't fake anymore (lol) and stays throughout game
  • Restructured colors so all villages/humans are colored and nuetral is gray scale
  • Added new shader that color swaps pixels instead of just tinting them for colors
  • Added Interactable Choice for Pokemon Style Choice system
  • Added Shop system to Noctua Village
  • Made teleporter choice related so you can decide on where to go
  • Added more levels to Noctua Customs
  • Added a flee state to AI
  • Fixed some bugs with game not resetting when exiting to menu
  • New State System used for Player and AI
  • Added Tweening for UI Animations
  • Added Endurance Regen Platform
  • Objects that have long scripts now have the choice to read or not
  • Restructured Throw Items
  • Refactored sound system to have a database
  • Added Coyote Time to pitfalls
  • And just trying to fix a ton of bugs in general

More progress to come! This game will be finished.


Adeona Build 0.4.2 PC.zip 140 MB
Apr 22, 2020
Adeona Build 0.4.2 Mac.zip 158 MB
Apr 22, 2020

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