8/21/20 - Bug fixes galore!


The team here at Box Attack Studios is excited to announce the newest build of Adeona is up! We have taken a lot of feedback from players about bugs and design fixes to make the game more smooth and easier to play. We've also added a few new enemies late game and have continued to build on the story line! Not a lot to update, but enjoy the more playable game!


  • Dialogue Box no longer softlocks the game (ugh)
  • Added new state for rat enemies
  • Added Rat Machine Mini Boss
  • Small aesthetic changes and sprite updates
  • Turrets now have a light to indicate when they fire
  • Updated Turret AI
  • Turtle Turret Added
  • Built upon LD5 for story
  • Added 2 new cutscenes in the dungeons
  • Fixed issues with pots not spawning after falling
  • Altered design settings with enemies and knockback
  • Can't be softlocked in NC2 anymore
  • Fixed bugs with bombs not respawning properly
  • More dialogue added to Ferox Village
  • Changed assets in NG1 for buying items
  • Switched to using Unity's New Input System
  • Mouse now disappears and not set to default use
  • Running now uses up endurance
  • Added some new sound events

Bug Catchers:

As always we’re looking for your feedback and bug catchers are very welcome. We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. A big part of the process here at Box Attack is working with players to make the best game. If you’ve found a bug please be as descriptive as possible, name the platform you played on, send videos, screenshots, and whatever you think would be of assistance. You can reach out on any social platform (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) or email your feedback to ProjectRazorsEdge@gmail.com 

That you for your continued support as Drew and the rest of the team cracks away on our nostalgic passion project.  Give our game a try and have a great rest of your august! 

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Adeona 0.5.3 PC.zip 141 MB
Aug 21, 2020
Adeona 0.5.3 MAC.zip 159 MB
Aug 21, 2020

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