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Alex and Linus are bored on a rainy day and can't think of anything to do. After an hour of stumbling around, they find 2 brooms laying about and get a sudden idea. A battle to the death... or at least till they get in trouble. They put their dueling skills to the test and fight.

This game is 2 player on one keyboard. Player on the Left is represented by the "A" key and Player on the Right is represented by the "L" key. After the showdown, wait for the "Go" and tap your key before your opponent! Test your reflexes against your friends. This game was made in 48 hours for GGJ 2019.


Drew Bushnell - Developer & Animator (www.drewbushnell.com)

Katrina Kim - Sprite & Concept Artist (IG: @soriekim)

Thomas Dimitri & Seth Francis - Sound Design & Music Composition (www.StrikeCastAudio.com)

Install instructions

Installation Instructions: 

- Unzip and Extract the file download

- Enter the folder labeled Mac or PC based on your OS

- Double Click the .App or .Exe

- Enjoy the game! Controls will either be A, L, and Space


RainyDayDuel_Ports.zip 76 MB

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